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July 10, 2015


The Baltimore PostalCustomer Council (BPCC) is a postal-sponsored organization that promotes a business partnership between the mailers of Baltimore and the Baltimore U.S. Postal Service.

The Baltimore PCC is proud to announce that we have been honored with the following awards from the United States Post Office!

Gold Award- Baltimore PCC 2014
Silver Award-Industry Person of the Year- Julian Kasten 2014
Gold Award- Communication Excellence 2014

We are excited and proud to share this news with our members.  This is the first time we have exceeded expectations and won an award of this kind. Thank you members and postal employees for your help, dedication and attendance.

Judith E. Antisdel Industry Co-Chair
Gary Vaccarella, Postal Co-Chair
Angela Curtis, District Manager, Baltimore

Our Mission

To engender meaningful dialogue and mutual cooperation between the United States Postal Service in Baltimore, Maryland and those organizations whose business activities, to a large extent, depend upon an efficient and effective United States Postal Service and to initiate and pursue actions beneficial to both organizations.